About Me

I'm born in Prilep, Macedonia.
Currently I live in Skopje, and work full-time as PHP/Drupal developer at VoxTeneo Macedonia. I am active at Drupal community in Macedonia with presenations and sprints.
I have been studying at the Faculty of Information Technology in Skopje and I went through a course for advanced C++ programing at Microsam Academy (famous company in robotics).

Contact Details

Taleski Martin
Oktomvriska 1-g
7500 Prilep - Macedonia

(+389) 76 656 712
mta@voxteneo.com.mk taleskimartin@gmail.com


Faculty of Information Technology - Skopje

Bachler in computer science June 2011

Microsam Academy - Prilep

Degree in C++ Programing and Mathlab March 2014


Here is the technology that I use in every day work and technology that I have been using in the past. PHP is default language is on my keyboard :).

I really like to work with JavaScript and jQuery, I started to learn ReactJs some time ago and I hope to use it for some projects in the near future.

Databases are sometimes to automaticly, but there is times when good old SQL can help a lot... HTML5 and CCS3 are just there for simple tasks, I can't say I am good in some fancy stuff and high-end CSS3 animation/transition..

I love Object Oriented Programing and MVC architecture, I was working on some projects in coledge with C# and too much OOP... but in PHP world there are projects where functional programing comes first... so... :)

C++ with QT are here because I was using them for more that 1 year, but not for commercial purposes.

  • PHP
  • Drupal
  • JS/jQuery
  • CSS3/HTML5
  • C++